Web Design

Web design, by definition, is the planning and design of websites and other online projects. With a website you can reach so many potential customers. If you are looking for a professional Online marketing agency/advertising agency and you would like to create your website, our agency develop professional websites and onlineshop. We develop and align your website to the corporate objectives, to the needs of your target groups, as well as presenting your company on the web professionally.

Web Design using Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System ( CMS ) is a powerful tool for professional website development. A CMS is a software developed specifically for the creation and maintenance of websites, and it offers the following advantages:

  • Unlimited flexibility in website layout and functions.
  • No programming skills required. You can update the website by yourself!
  • Independence from the provider.
  • More website design individuality.
  • Unlimited extensions possibilities.
  • Unlimited SEO optimization options.
  • The use of a CMS is recommended for large web projects,
  • The long-term costs are low. There are no monthly fees from providers.

Our favorite CMS web applications that we use to create and organize websites are WordPress and Joomla CMS.

WordPress is now the most popular CMS in the world. WordPress is such a popular content management system (CMS) that it is used by many well-known companies such as 1und1 , Xing Corporate Blog, Frankfurt Book Fair , Blackberry, Hootsuite , Mozilla , Evernote , TechCrunch , Mashable and The New York Times.

The Web Development Process

Here is a brief summary of the five phases of the web design process.

Phase 1: Define

During the initial phase, the scope of the project and the objectives of the website are defined. We define things like: what is the purpose of the website? Who belongs to your target group? What information will the target group search for on the website?

Phase 2: Planning

This phase is about deciding which technologies should be implemented. Who are the best web-hosting providers in the light of price, tariff for the domain registration, webspace and technical support. Which content (text and photos) are required on the website. What should be the menu items? All this is then recorded in a “sitemap”.

Phase 3: Design

In this design phase, we check and work on areas of the design like color, design elements, etc.. The target group is one of the most important factors that should be considered in design phase.

Phase 4: Implementation

In the implementation phase, the blueprints are converted into reality and the connection to the CMS is deployed. The contents (photos and text) have to be edited and added into the CMS.

Phase 5: Launch

In the launch phase, the website is finally checked for its functionality and completeness so that the website can be released and go online!

Important tips for a successful company website

Here are the important tips that we recommend for you to create a successful website

  • Choose the right domain name: Choosing the right domain is important for your company website’s success. It is a very important step in the development of your brand. During the registering your domain, you need to keep in mind that the domain name should be short, memorable, and easy to write. Avoid names of other companies and celebrities. Some experts even recommend to use your company name together with a keyword that could help you in the search engines’ results. We also recommend to use the top level domain “.com” as your main domain. To protect your brand, you may also buy the other top level domain endings (.de, .fr, .net, .org, .biz, etc).
  • Defining clear website goals and target groups: It is important to define a target group for each market-oriented website. What do you want to achieve through the website? Many companies are always talking about “more” customers and more website visitors, however, it is not about “more” website visitors, it is about the “right” visitors. Define a clear target group and concentrate on that target group with your company website. Who clearly defines own target group will save money and time.
  • Legal issues of the business website: When designing the website for your business, one should pay attention to the legal issues. Your websites should contain pages for the terms of use, the disclaimer, the imprint, the data protection declaration and legal terms and conditions for online shops. In order to avoid legal fines and actions, all self-employed persons and companies must create the imprint for the website and social medias. The legal fine for not including imprint information in Germany, for example, could cost up to 50,000 euros. For more information, click here.
  • Search engine optimization: Your company web site should be easy to find on major search engines and business directories using search engine optimization. Do not just look for a nice website, but also make sure that your website is well optimized.
  • Responsive Webdesign: Responsive Design means that the webpages are displayed on all browsers and on all devices, such as smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop computer. With responsive design, your webpages and all content are accessible and they are good to be used by visitors. Responsive web design takes into account the specific requirements of each device and optimizes the display and navigation elements automatically for the respective devices. All our websites are developed in Responsive Webdesign. We recommend 5 free online tools to test responsive web design: ” Am I Responsive “, ” device responsive”,Online Test Tool “, “Responsinator ” and ” Demonstrating Responsive Design “. With all these tools, you enter the URL of your website and view the different previews one each device.
  • Regular updates: A company website should be updated regularly.


The Benefits you will get from us

  • Quality: You get the best possible quality from us.
  • Extensibility: All websites can be easily edited and extended by you.
  • Upgradeable: You will learn how to update the website yourself, without programming knowledge.
  • Responsive Webdesign: all websites we develop are optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop
  • Individual web design by arrangement and consultation.

What does a website cost?

You might ask, “What does a car cost?” It always depends on your requirements and options that you required in this car! The cost of a website depends on your web project requirements. If the project is bigger or if the customer demand is big, it can certainly costs more. The more complex the website’s structure, the higher the cost. We try to estimate how much time we need to create the website.

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